Wednesday, November 17, 2010


We've known Val for a few years. We've shared meals, conversation, and even a couple rounds of Settlers. She's endured my husband's teasing, my brother's debates and the craziness of our house. And all the while we kept our eye out wondering who would come along and steal her heart. Then along came Garrett.

When Val called and asked if we wanted to go out on a double date with her, we knew something must be serious. Over dinner at Mcmenamin's we clearly saw how much Garrett cared for Val. His easy smile and slight sarcasm won us over. And then as if to prove their potential for longevity, they crushed as at shuffle board.


Eryn said...

So sweet!

michelle allen said...

love these picture Nicci! so soothing and peaceful looking. enchanting! not to mention, a lovely looking couple.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, these pictures are so adorable! You did a wonderful job!
(Garrett is my cousin :))

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